The wood used for the production of boards and crosses for icons is the linden, top quality, a soft wood, faded whitish color pink, smooth, suitable for carvings, carving, sculpture. The wood is well seasoned naturally for many months and completed in the dryer to ensure long-term stability.

For the preparation of the table icon for the following steps are necessary:

  • Squaring of the axes in order to obtain as much as possible whole tables (industrial panels are not used).
  • Construction of large plates with jointed axes comb and bonded with hydraulic press by placing the cord always in the same direction.
  • Planing and sanding.
  • Milling of the tables in the back for the accommodation of wedges and dug in front to form the cradle.
  • Preparation and insertion of wedges (more hardwood beech).
  • Manual Sanding and gleaning.
  • Painting with impregnating woodworm and anti-mold water.

At the woodwork is necessary to add the phases of gessatura of the table:

  • Protection of the back and sides of the board with tape and paper.
  • Application and bonding with rabbit glue of a linen or cotton on the surface of the table that will be painted. The canvas ensures the integrity of the painting over the years by absorbing the light, but always present, of the table movements in solid wood.
  • Drafting of 9 layers of plaster manual Bologna and Meudon mixed together with rabbit glue (chalk on request only Meudon, for painting the pond).
  • Accurate hand sanding plaster with sandpaper to make the surface smooth, ready for painting and gilding icon.

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